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yes, i've been known to consider brunch as my religion. so, i'm quite happy to see this community formed.

perhaps we should start sharing our own lists with the reviews?


Sunburnt Cow (east village): the prime reason for going can be summed up in 5 words: "all you can drink brunch". otherwise, the food is on the better side of fair. some of the selections are a little more unique if you're tired of the same old brunch selections (for example, the burger with the fried egg and beet root).

Clinton Street Bakery (lower east side): ok, there's always a line of old people who look like they just drove in from westchester or the upper west side, but the food really is that good if you can stand to wait (sometimes close to an hour). quite possibly the best biscuits in new york city. i'd recommend putting your name on the list and then walking down to Lotus for a coffee while waiting for your table.

Dumont (williamsburg): they keep their menu short and tend to get almost everything right, if not amazing. in the warmer months they have a nice garden in back, sometimes with a live xylophonist.

Jefferson Grill (west village): i almost never go to the west village to eat, but i will make an exception for this place. cool minimalist decor, good light and open space, and a rather good meal.

Les Enfants Terribles (lower east side): this place shifts it into a french/african direction so i'd recommend favoring dishes that take advantage of the different seasonings.

Rue B (east village): an italian angle on brunch and almost everything on the menu is very good, but i'd advise against the "blood orange hollandaise" on their benedict: it can be too sweet with the orange overpowering the other flavors.

Bourgeois Pig (east village): not technically a brunch place, but still a good way to pass a weekend afternoon with friends and bottles of wine, cheese plates, and butterscotch fondue. if everyone isn't too stuffed, it's a good destination for keeping with the brunch spirit.

Yuca Grill (east village): excellent spanish / south american variations on the standard north american brunch. it's also good to have the tapas options if you're craving something different.

Lodge (williamsburg): keeping brunch hours of "11am - 5pm" is generally a good sign, and this place makes it worth the trip back to my old neighborhood.

Schiller's (lower east side): although normally identified by the big sign outside that says "Liquor Bar", this place does very well with its meals, brunch included.

Relish (williamsburg): although still not up to southern standards for biscuits, still not bad. the scene can be painfully hipster, but it's still a solid brunch choice.

Enid's (greenpoint): ...and speaking of hipster brunch. the wait can get so long that they just flat out start sending people away. but, the endless free coffee passes the time until you get a seat. the brunch is good, but it's really as much about the event.

Flea Market (east village): a fairly well kept secret. when most other places have a wait to get a table, it's still usually easy to slip straight in for a consistently good meal.

Fada (williamsburg): yet another french brunch, but reliably good each time. good outdoor seating when weather permits.

Caravan of Dreams (east village): if your weekend debauchery has spiraled out of control and is making you feel unhealthy, their whole/raw/organic brunch is a good way to try to do something nice for your body.

Mesa Grill (flatiron / union square): ok, so the crowd here will be touristy or uptown since it's a Bobby Flay restaurant. but, the food really does make it worth the occasional trip.

Miracle Grill (east village): i somehow seem to forget about the restaurants on 1st Avenue, but it's a good option for a southwestern style brunch. (edit: this place has closed in the past month. thanks to harry for the update.)

Esperanto (east village): good, but not great. better saved for the warmer months when you can sit outside.

Golden Unicorn (chinatown): if you're looking for dim sum instead of eggs, this was usually the place. but, service (and it seems quality as well) is much better if someone in your group speaks chinese.

Dim Sum a Go Go (chinatown): good dim sum with much less attitude than Golden Unicorn.
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