ashley (thewicked3000) wrote in nycbrunch,

more lists

darkadaptedeye has quite a list started. A few more to add, with varying degrees of endorsement:

Lola's (Williamsburg?) - Great neighborhood spot where they remember you after a couple of visits. My introduction to brunch in NYC.

Old Devil Moon (East Village) - Best grits I've had up north. The servings are gigantic and will keep you full for the day.

7A (East Village) - Functional food. But most importantly, serves brunch until 5p.

Mary Ann's (East Village) - Mexican and has grits, which were just ok. Nice patio out back in the warmer weather.

Kate's Joint (East Village) - Your best option for veggie/vegan brunch. Better than Life - food and selection.

Jane (West Village) - Decadent. The creme brulee battered french toast was to die for.

Essex on Essex (LES) - Almost unlimited drinks (technically 4 but they don't really keep count). The food is better than average and the wait isn't usually as long as it looks when you first enter.
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